Societal collapse and the Prospects of “What might be”: Original Article Written by The Survival Diva response by Salty Dawg

Here is an article which seems to get to the heart of societal collapse and the prospects of what might be. Many would argue that it is impending doom happening tomorrow and usually those are the people peddling preparedness products by fear mongering. I will never fear monger or hype up the situation in order to motivate you to be prepared. We believe it is the natural selection process at hand and the truth of the matter is some simply will not survive.

WE can provide you with the information and yes even provide the pathway to products we would recommend but it is ultimately up to you to act.  I cannot determine the time an event will come but I can tell you I believe it is inevitable and this article deals with some of the things you will need to face and hopefully have a plan in place when you will have to face the situations she will write about in this article. We have written many article on this very subject but, sometimes it is good to read it from differing perspectives. Enjoy the read and tell us what you think.

“It’s Survival Diva again with some food for thought about societal collapse; what to expect and who to look out for. It’s an important part of the puzzle when you’re one of the few prepared to survive the coming onslaught. Some guesstimate preppers make up only 5% of the populace, but it’s my belief it’s closer to 3% at best, and more likely to be 1-2%. Many give lip service to prepping and claim to be prepared when the truth is they’re still in the “thinking” stage.

They haven’t advanced to in-the-trenches preparedness that many need to do to get prepared faster, where dinners out, budget-draining vacations, and designer anything are put on the back-burner until the storage shelves are full, water has been stored, and must-have preparedness goods are crowding sheds, basements, or in a pinch; closets and under the bed.

To come out on the other side of a wide-spread crisis in one piece, even when you’re prepared, takes getting into the head of the majority of the population who are NOT prepared. If you’re successful, you’ll face, head-on, the darker side of humanity most of us would rather pretend doesn’t exist.

Yesterday I was given a small example. When purchasing another 20 buckets for food storage, a Home Depot employee kindly offered to help me load them into the back of my SUV. Looking at the 200 pounds of sugar and another 200 pounds of flour crowding the back—I’m planning to use it for barter when the time comes—he asked; “What’s with all the buckets and the baking stuff?” This was my cue to wake up another person who’ll be sorely disappointed when meals on wheels doesn’t come to their aid in a wide-spread emergency. Besides, I knew I could safely talk to him without worry of him showing up at my doorstep if things go south. I live 90 miles away and I pay with cash for my preparedness goods and NEVER use rewards cards, where my personal purchases are tracked.

So I told him I write about prepping and I practice what I preach. Our discussion revealed he had attempted to start prepping, yet every time he stored the items in the basement, his teenagers helped themselves to his emergency stash. I asked if he had a shed that could be padlocked to keep his prepping goods intact, which he did. His answer, however, was disappointing: “My wife would kill me if I put the bikes outside to store preparedness goods.”

I left the parking lot shaking my head in sadness with the realization this man represents the majority of people, including many reading this very article. They may have that gut-wrenching intuition that things aren’t quite right, and they should be getting ready, but they have become entrenched with today’s norms and are over-consumers with the belief the government will step in if things get really bad. Like this man, many would-be preppers just haven’t marshaled their strength to lock horns with loved ones, even when it’s for their own good, nor can they stomach being labeled paranoid.”

Get Into The Heads of Those to Watch For

In a collapse, not all looters are created equally. There will be varying degrees of how far a person is willing to go to survive. But even the best, most honest of people will be desperate for food and water. It’s a good idea to consider who might be approaching your doorstep before trouble shows. Talk it over with the Principle people on your survival in place list.  This by no means is a complete list but it should get the conversation started with whomever you wish to delve into this topic with.  Click on the link to see if you recognize any of these people?

Stan, the Family Man:


Toni, the Prisoner:


Scorpion, the Gang Member:


John, the Tactically Trained:


Brenda, the Naysayer:


Will You Be A Victim?

Desperate families, prison inmates, gang-bangers and freeloaders will be out there during a full-on collapse. Hungary people will do some things that NO ONE would have ever expected them to be capable of! To be sure when Daddy or Mommy is looking into the eyes of that little baby that could be dying of starvation and in their mind they will justify whatever they have to do to keep that baby and themselves alive. You’re first react to this is to admit out loud that of course you wouldn’t let that baby starve. of course he was not kind enough to bring the baby along when he had planned to rob you of your goods and kill you if necessary to get them. Did your answer change? What about other scenario’s? The first thing you want to do is to get prepared so that you aren’t one of the sheeple.



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  1. Salty Dawg says:

    This is a policy we teach and practice on a monthly basis. As we have witnessed we may have only 12 minutes warning prior to an event . Being prepared is a practiced state of being and advocate practice makes perfect as it were. Good to have you on board mate!

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