Scorpion, the Gang Member: Original Article Written by The Survival Diva response by Salty Dawg

Scorpion, the Gang Member:

Scorpion, a member of a major gang is, mad at life and knows he’s entitled to survive because he’s young and strong. He’s willing to do whatever it takes without remorse.  He and his homeboys have plenty of firepower and ammunition: the tools of their trade. They can’t wait to take what they need, just for the sheer sport of it. And it’s proven to be as easy as stealing candy from a baby. Several home invasions produced more than enough food, water and medical supplies. What didn’t interest them was grabbed and sold on the black market to desperate customers. The best part is they didn’t even have to leave the city. There’s more than enough to keep the gang well fed. Along the way, they’ve picked up an arsenal. Ammo is now so plentiful, it’s moved past need and has been sold for more than what gold and silver is fetching. The few police combating the looting and killing don’t have the manpower to take down his gang, and they’re on a rampage…..

Could this be reality when Society takes a tumble?

The fact is this scenario has already played out several times in our recent past. We can just look at the way society handled itself when effected by the hurricanes, fires, floods here on our own soil. How did society react? How did the government react? Do you think that on a larger scale scenario the government will get to you any time soon?

I am not saying they won’t come and they won’t help I am saying what are you going to do until they get there?

Of course that also begs the question “What are you going to do if they don’t?”

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  1. lunette de soleil says:

    How do you recommend we handle this threat..

    In light of some of the events happening as of late, some of us see the potential bad that could come from people like this how do you recommend we handle this particular situation? By the way our group love your site! Keep up the good work.

    • Salty Dawg says:

      Every situation is different and there is no “cookie cutter” responce. With that being said I always recommend yoi proceed with caution and the first step in a responce is always mental. No dont go mental on them although word would spread. These people in the posts are set up for you to think rationally what to do or how you and your group will react. The time to mentally prepare for any action is when there is not an immediate need for action. When your mind is not burdened with the actual event and the ramifications of the event staring you in the face. Go through this scenario with your group and devise a plan of action and practice the plan od action until it is second nature to you and your group. The old saying “you play like you practise” go through scenarios and what you will do when faced with the scenarios.

      You will obviously act different depending on whether there is still rule of law as to when there is no rule of law! Practice both. Some folks talk a big game but when tge time comes to act they will be frozen with indecision this can bode catastrophic to you and your group. Practice, practice and practice some more.

  2. maillot psg says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this site

    I extremely loved this blog. Its an educational topic oriented site. It has helped me extremely considerably to solve some issues. Its so wonderful and functioning. Thank You Guys for the advise be in touch soon.

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