Questions about water filters

Water filtration has come up several times asking for our recommendations.

We have recommended several different types of water filters to our readers and our clients over the years so I will give you an unbiased, non solicitor, opinion about our findings. This is not a paid endorsement nor do I claim to be an expert, just experienced.

Many “professor know it all’s” will chime in and want to argue different details when it comes to open forums so generally I don’t answer questions because you have heard what opinions are like.

Filters are purchased based on several factors. aesthetic value plays a part as well as volume, uses, flow rate, portability, medium and so on. Many will teach to make your own and in a pinch it is a good skill to know but looks like crap when you offer your guest a glass of water from it.

So let’s talk recommendations based on mediums, volume,flow rate and aesthetics.
Katydyn wonderul filters and great for back packing or a bug out scenario but is not great a filtering at the micron level and does not kill some of the more nasty stubborn bacteria and vitals. Just read their specs

Berkey, has always been the front runner in my opinion for many years now and alot of people prefer them and own them. They have several different models that can be used as a table top devices and then easily broken down for a camp out, bug out, or a retreat application. The major complaint we have found with the two afore mentioned filters has been flow rate which is common after all its simulating the filteting process of Mother Nature so it is something you put up with. Flow rate has been another complaint from users but it is what it is and you can’t expect to dump a gallon of icky water up top and expect a glass of purified water to just flow like a faucet!

Berkey filters until recently were the filter to have and argueably still are the “king” of the hill. I still will recommend them as a choice but i give a sterile comparison as I am doing now “pro’s and Con’s” if you will.

However, when we are talking “Media” (the filtration materials that screens out the junk you don’t want). They too are lacking when it comes to (virals) again read their specs.

  They clearly specify that for virals you must treat your water with bleach or chlorine to kill the virals. This is common in the industry

Here lately there has been a company from florida called Aqua filter that has made some pretty impressive headway with their “Media”. it by all account is surpassing others by the filtration process filtering down to a lower micron level and higher flow rate. Their issue is availability and aesthetics.

Although they are reasonably priced for value of product they are not in every store but they are picking up outlets all the time.
They filter thousands of gallons of water effectively and efficiently.

aesthetics????? Well they aren’t pretty they work fantastically but if you use it as an everyday filtration tool it will most certainly be a topic of discussion.

But if PRETTY is what your concern is in a bug out scenario then don’t forget your hair brush cupcake. Besides we like them to spark conversation about preparedness not the temperature of Bree.

As for The Pirates Republic we care not about looks and focus more on value and performance and it succeeds admirably as promised. We encourage you to read the spec sheets on any product you buy and do as much research as you can. After all it is your water your drinking put some thought into it.

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