Myth – You can buy guns online.


You can buy guns online

Many liberals think you can just buy guns online. This is completely and utterly false. You can PAY for a gun online, but gun dealers cannot (and will not) ship a firearm directly to any customer. All guns that are PAID FOR online must be shipped to FFL dealers, which are federally licensed and regulated by the ATF. High Country Firearms does FFL to FFL transfers then treats the sell of the firearm as if it were a local purchase requireing the federally mandated background check. 

A person who pays for a gun online must go through a federal FBI background check just to pick up their gun at the FFL dealer, and they must fill out an extensive form which includes detailed questions on mental health, criminal history and so on.

It is impossible to buy a gun online, but the liberal media keeps lying about this, hoping people will believe their lies. So technically you can purchase the firearm online however, you cannot recieve it until the background check and other mandates have been fulfilled to complete satisfaction of the law! So BITE ME fienkenstien!

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