Myth – Preppers and Survivalist are the same thing!

Are Preppers and Survivalists the same thing?

A Prepper is not the same as a Survivalist.  A Survivalist typically focuses on learning primitive and other woodsmen skills and have very little focus on actually stocking up supplies and building an extensive repository of every needful thing.

 Whereas Survivalists prepare and learn to live off the land, Preppers prepare to maintain their current lifestyle as much as possible.  While they are not synonymous, many Preppers are also Survivalists and are very adept at living off the land.  Likewise, many Survivalists are Preppers and store resources to be able to sustain their Standard of Living.
Preppers typically plan to “Shelter in Place” or “Bug-In” which indicates they expect to ride out any bad situation while living in their home. This is also the method endorsed and Practised by The Pirates Republic. While this is the preferred method it is not the only one taught at TPR because there are many circumstances that we may find ourselves in and we need to have prepared for these senerios as well.

  Other Preppers find themselves in situations where they recognize that they may need to “Bug-Out” or leave their home for another location, commonly referred to as their “Bug Out Location” or BOL. Cemical and or bioligical Hazards are just an example of whyt we would “bug out”.  A BOL may be a mountain retreat, a home in the country or simply a good place in the woods it may also be a specific retreat located near the location of where you are but it is where you can  feel this is a place where you have taken prior precautions so it can be safe if things collapse or get really bad.

One is not any better than the other if the situation calls for it. It is up to you and your situation as to what is the preferred method. As I said The Pirates Republic prefer Bugging in as a plan “A” but rest asured we also have a plan “B” and “C” and “D” and so on as well! Also remember a “bug out” location doesnt have to be an underground bunker although those are cool! It can simply be a location with or without another family for you t ogo away from the “hot zone” of activity to make a more secured stand.

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