Make a Stove Out of a Soda Can – Written by The Ready Store

Make a Stove Out of a Soda Can

Written by The Ready Store

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Imagine that you are in a winter storm blackout and all you have is your six pack of soda to get you through the emergency.

This article will teach you how to take your favorite soda and make it become an awesome survival stove! Follow the instructions below to see how you can do it!

You’ll Need: • Soda Cans – minimum of two • Exacto Knife or Knife • Scissors

Directions: Drill 10-12 holes into the rim of a soda can. These holes will become the gas jets and should probably be big enough to let enough gas out. That means that if you’re using a drill, use at least a 1/16th bit to drill your holes.

You’ll then want to drill three holes into the center of the concave base of the can. These will be used for filling the stove with fuel.

Use a knife to mark a consistent line around the can. Holding a knife at a level plane, rotate the can around, making a groove around the can.

Cut the tops off the cans about 1 inch above where your knife marked previously.

Working your way around the can, cut ½-inch wide tabs from the top to the groove that you created previously.

Bend each tab back and forth until it makes a clean break from the base of the can. Continue to do this with all the tabs until you have a clean break all the way around the can.

The next step is to next the two halves together. The top should fit into the bottom. To make this easier, you may want to make little indentations in the top half to slip into the bottom a little easier.

Slip the sections together – top half fitting into the bottom half. Be patient as this may take a long time to fit together correctly.

Once the top half is in place, gently apply pressure with a book to push the sections closer together.

The final result is a lightweight stove that can be carried in your pocket, in an emergency pack or on any backpacking trip.

Simply fill the concave cavity about 3 times with fuel and allow it to drain into the can. Then you add a little bit of fuel to the outside of the can – as primer – and light that to start the burner. After the primer burns off, the fuel on the inside of the can should be lit and coming out of the holes in the top of the can!

Updated June 1, 2013

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