John, the Tactically Trained: Original Article Written by The Survival Diva response by Salty Dawg

John, the Tactically Trained:


For the past two days, John has had to watch his neighbors go into meltdown. They’re without food and water, as is John. One of his neighbors is a diabetic with no way to get insulin. They can’t call their doctor—cell and land line phones haven’t worked for days. Plus, the roads are in complete gridlock. The gas stations ran out of fuel within 24-hours of the crisis and many frantic motorists trying to flee ran out of gas, or experienced car problems, leaving their vehicles to clog the roadways.

John feels for his neighbor, but he has loved ones. They are his number one priority and he’s run out of time. John and several of his hunting buddies have decided it’s time to search for survival goods, taking their ATV’s. John’s military training now comes in handy. As leader of the group, he knows to head outside the suburb he lives for the boonies where it’s more likely there will be plentiful food and water and preparedness goods. They’ve agreed not to hurt anyone, so long as they’re allowed to take what they need. John knows what to look for: the sound of a generator or lights shining through windows. This is his signal a homeowner is prepared. During the day his group listens for the tell-tale sounds of a generator, a chainsaw, or a motorized vehicle, which isn’t hard to do now that the grid’s down. For days, things have been eerily silent. At night, John and his hunting buddies look for the tell-tale glow of lights reflecting from windows. In no time, they have what they need and will return to this rural goldmine on an as-need basis.


Another scenario could be ……as John and his hunting buddies with all their tactical training were out scouting new and rich resources they could plunder their own homes and places of refuge were over ran with hungry neighbors and all of their own resources was pillaged by untrained common folk who was just hungry enough to do what we would deem unspeakable.

Many have this type of tactical training and many have taken the responsibility to be prepared  so they can concentrate their training on the defense of the their property and goods as well as the defense of others instead of the destruction of others.

What would you do?

Do you have a plan?

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