Get Into The Heads of Those to Watch For: Original Article Written by The Survival Diva response by Salty Dawg

Get Into The Heads of Those to Watch For

In a collapse, not all looters are created equally. There will be varying degrees of how far a person is willing to go to survive. But even the best, most honest of people will be desperate for food and water. It’s a good idea to consider who might be approaching your doorstep before trouble shows. We often talk about having a plan and practicing that plan while the sun is still shining.

Many of us have heard “well that works great in the lab, but how is it in the real world” Practicing while there is no real pressure is what you would refer to as “IN THE LAB” no real worries and plenty of opportunities to make mistakes and revise the way you implement the plan. Do this when there is no real pressure and you can have plenty of mulligans or “Do over’s” this is a much better scenario, Rather than having to put in to what you have failed to practice into a reality under a stressful situation that affords very little mistakes and the consequences are much, much more severe. Going through a scenario will give you’re mind mental exercise and each time you physically go through it your body and mind gain “memory” and at the time of crisis this “memory” will take over and make things much more “DO-ABLE” when you need those skills the most .

This is not an attempt to sell products through our Not Just Food Store rather an attempt to help you understand that while I cannot predict when or even if an event will happen but we can help you prepare for the “What If’s” in life.

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