Food storage solutions for a small home

 Food Storage Solutions for a Small Home

  Crystal Ray

In a small house, all of the rooms are generally undersized, and the kitchen is no exception. Many people have trouble finding storage solutions for everyday items let alone food and other daily necessities. Cabinets are often lacking in a small home, and closet-style pantries are usually poorly designed. Instead of wondering where to store food such as canned goods, mixes, and staples including sugar and flour, consider the following easy food storage solutions for a small house. Try these ideas and find more storage space in the kitchen for all types of non-perishable food.
Freestanding Food Storage Solutions for a Small Home

If the kitchen cabinets are inadequate and barely provide enough room to store glasses and plates, buy a freestanding ready-made pantry to provide easy food storage solutions in a small home. Ready-to-assemble pantries are available, but most are made from cheap materials that look as cheap as they truly are. Visit a discount cabinet retailer, and look for a ready-made pantry. Tall narrow types are fantastic storage solutions for a small home because they barely take up floor space. Best of all, the doors are made from real wood rather than flimsy pressed board, and many styles and colors are made to match existing cabinetry.


Pantry Closet Storage Solutions for a Small Kitchen


A deep kitchen closet with shelves might seem like the ideal pantry for adequate food storage solutions, but it is far from efficient or practical, especially in a small home. Maintain the kitchen closet with shelves, but outfit the shelves with baskets rather than randomly arranging can goods and other types of food where they cannot be easily reached. For more efficient food storage solutions, label the baskets for better organization. This will eliminate the need to remove food in the front to find can goods and other food items in the back of the storage area. In addition, the baskets will look stylish and streamlined. Paint the edges of the shelves and take off the pantry door to enlarge the look of the kitchen while providing more functional storage in a small home.


Narrow Food Storage Solutions for a Small Home


If empty space is available in between the refrigerator or stove and the wall or cabinetry, make use of that space with added storage solutions especially for a small home. Invest in a freestanding wheeled shelf unit designed to fit in small spaces. A single narrow shelf unit of this type can hold dozens of canned goods and spices, and it this will free-up space in other storage areas of the home. These types of storage solutions are available in many different colors to match virtually any kitchen.


Out-of-the-Way Storage Solutions for the Home


The kitchen is where food should be stored for easy access, and in a small home it is sometimes necessary to look for alternate solutions for other kitchen belongings. Items that are seldom used can be stored in a utility room closet or in baskets on shelves, or even in a linen closet or basement area. Use the space where these items once were to store food instead. When a small home is well-organized it does not seem nearly as small.

Food storage should take priority over cooking gadgets, holiday platters, and other items not regularly used in the kitchen, especially in a small home that requires alternate space solutions. Try the aforementioned storage solutions especially for a small home, and bring the food back into the kitchen where it belongs. A small home that is well organized is far more efficient than a larger home that is poorly organized.

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