Emergency Preparedness: Cell Phone Must-Haves

Emergency Preparedness: Cell Phone Must-Haves


If you only remembered one thing from your time with the scouts, it is likely this: Be prepared. It means never having to apologize to anyone for taking a few extra precautions, even the crazy ones. For instance, no one is going to survive doomsday. That’s why they call it “doomsday” in the first place. If you could survive it, then it would just be a really bad day.

Doomsday implies an extinction level event (ELE). It’s all in the name. You’re not going to make it. That is no reason why you shouldn’t have a well-crafted, well-stocked, well-financed doomsday bunker. You never know what might happen, and what might happen after that.

One thing’s for certain: If things get bad enough that you need to seriously start considering such a bunker, you are going to need a cell phone that can get you through the situation, at least until all of the cell towers are gone. Here are a few things you will need to harden your cell phone against an emergency:

More Battery

It doesn’t matter if you have the very latest Droid Max Pro Plus Giga. Once the juice runs out, it’s out for good. No battery lasts forever, you will always need more battery. And while 7800 MAH may not get you through the entire apocalypse, a portable powerbank and similar products should get you through the most critical part.

In addition to juicing up, you are also going to want to do the following to increase battery life:

  • Shut off push Notifications
  • Kill Facebook, and other background processes
  • Turn off vibrate
  • Turn the screen brightness as low as you can stand it
  • Stop playing Candy Crush

Regardless of what kind of phone you have, it is completely worthless once the battery dies. If you want to live, make sure your battery does too.

Military Grade

What does it mean for a product to be truly rugged? It is easy to slap that label on a product package. But many products claiming to be ruggedized fail the test. The military has a standard for ruggedness testing. If you find a phone case that advertises Mil-Std-810, you have something that you can be confident will protect your case from drops.

It is not just the phone’s body that needs to be considered. It is also the phones screen. There isn’t much that will cause a phones metal chassis to shatter. Most of the critical internals are non-moving parts. No matter how many gorillas these screen makers use to test their products, phone screens will shatter if dropped just the right way.

When ELE strikes, things are going to be flying, falling, and breaking. If you want to make sure your phone is not one of the broken things, put it in a case that provides military grade protection. And don’t forget the screen.

Security Measures

The ELE may be triggered by an alien invasion, or perhaps just Homer Simpson falling asleep at the nuclear plant. If the latter, there is truly no hope. If the former, at least you can keep them from scanning your smartphone for information. Even without an assault from beyond, it is a good idea to harden your phone against security threats, especially Android phones.

The reason Android phones need the extra security is because 98% of mobile malware targets Android phones. You have to place your best shields where they will protect you from the strongest attacks. We don’t need aliens. The person two places behind you in line is doing his best to break into your phone and steal your passwords right now. If things get bad enough so that you need a doomsday bunker, rest assured that your smartphone will need heightened security.

At the end of the day, it is not some doomsday scenario that will do us in. It is life’s everyday emergencies that we don’t see coming. Smartphone preparedness means having a backup battery to get you through, having enough device protection so that it survives the craziness, and securing your phone against malicious attacks.

In the event the ELE is a robopocclypse, throw your phone as far away as you can. And run for the hills.


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