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America entering first phase of “kinetic civil war”… warning
Mike Adams We are right now watching the transition from stage one of war (the war of words) to stage two of civil war (violent assaults, riots, arson, etc.).

Last night, the nation watched as UC Berkeley students donned terror-style ski masks and staged a violent assault to try to murder Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay conservative activist and speaker.

Milo had to be evacuated by a security team of former Navy SEALs while the fires, looting and kinetic violence continued. Read my full coverage and see the photos here.

As all this is happening, radicalized leftists are now demanding that rioters “start killing people” while a former Obama admin official is openly calling for a “military coup” against Trump.

It’s now clear that the Left wants WAR in the streets of America, and the media is inciting it with fake news and hate speech disguised as news. They justify all their violence by claiming Milo and Trump are “Nazis,” even while they burn books and violently assault people who merely want to exercise the right to speak. (Somehow, they don’t see the irony…)

Click here for full coverage of the Left’s declaration of war against America.

Be prepared for anything in the days ahead. This is very likely to result in President Trump declaring Martial Law if the escalation continues. Notably, there isn’t a single political leader on the Left who is calling for an end to the violence.

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