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Dealing with medical emergencies solo – Dayton

Here was an interesting article found at the site. it was written by a contributor “guest” writer. He recounts his personal story and how it can be relevant to you. CHEERS! Dealing with medical emergencies solo: when it’s necessary to stitch up your own wound, pull out your own...
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What to Do When Your Boat Sinks

What to Do When Your Boat Sinks The phrase “abandon ship” was used a lot more commonly in the old days when modern engineering was too far out of reach. Now, certain safety measures have been put in place that’ll protect most boats from capsizing, but that doesn’t mean that...
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Preventing infections

Preventing infections Tess Pennington Since the Medical concerns of The Pirates Republic are more Capt. Morgan’s cup of tea and Tess Pennington’s is a favorite read of the Dawg so this was a great choice for today’s article, we hope you enjoy. Storing medical supplies, especially antiseptic is a must when...
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Magical Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

Magical Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide Written by The Ready Store Hydrogen peroxide can be a great tool in your emergency pack. It has hundreds of uses that can help you clean and disinfect in any situation. Hydrogen peroxide has the chemical property H2O2 It is a strong oxidizer and is...
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