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Dealing with medical emergencies solo – Dayton

Here was an interesting article found at the site. it was written by a contributor “guest” writer. He recounts his personal story and how it can be relevant to you. CHEERS! Dealing with medical emergencies solo: when it’s necessary to stitch up your own wound, pull out your own...
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How to Build an Emergency Shelter – Brandon

How to Build an Emergency Shelter By Brandon from Ready Store When you need to find a site to build an emergency shelter, you need to consider a few key elements to ensure your survival. Whenever possible, use existing terrain for shelter – look for hills you can camp between,...
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Freeze-Dried Food vs Dehydrated

Freeze-Dried Food vs Dehydrated By Lexi from Ready Store A lot of people use the terms dehydrated and freeze-dried like they are the same thing. However, there are some major differences between dehydrated and freeze-dried food storage. Don’t worry, we’re going to help you understand those differences. The Dehydration Process...
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