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This is where the wind fills our sails or leaves us a drift Matey. This is simple, we take a product, we use it and then review it. We will give an honest opinion of products we will use in the field. We have all used products in the field that made our experience in the outdoors a memorable one and we have all used products that left us wondering how we could have ordered this stinking, rotten piece of junk. To be fair we have also bought gadgets we just thought was cool and awakened the inner piratey geek in us. some have worked as advertised and others not so much. We intend on spilling the beans. So check back with us and we will try to keep you updated on some of the products that work and those that dont.

5 Survival Features to Include in Your Home Bunker

5 Survival Features to Include in Your Home Bunker   The perfect time to prepare for a disaster is when you’re building a home. When you control the design, you can add as many structural features as you want to protect yourself, including a bunker. Bunkers are extremely useful if...
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3 Ways to Fund Your Doomsday Bunker

3 Ways to Fund Your Doomsday Bunker We all dream of having our very own doomsday bunker in case things ever get so bad that living above ground becomes impossible for a period of time. The problem is that very few of us have enough extra cash lying around to...
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My Anticipation is frozen!

My Anticipation is frozen!   WE speak a lot about the true virtues of freeze dried foods to our clients and our readers. We have written and posted several articles on our site as well on other sites under various identities that can be freely researched and downloaded and reused...
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