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Creamy Millet and Turkey Salad

Creamy Millet and Turkey Salad 4 Jul Print the recipe page!  creamy millet and turkey salad Cooking from your pantry using food storage ingredients doesn’t mean you‘re limited to rice and beans. Most people are familiar with rice pilaf, but millet is a refreshing change of pace and is gluten-free, unlike...
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Creamy Chicken Enchiladas

Creamy Chicken Enchiladas 19 Aug Print the recipe page!  creamy chicken enchiladas I’m loving anything mexican this week and this dish is as good as it gets!  Seeing this recipe at gave me hope that this white enchilada favorite our family has loved for so long could be made over...
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Chicken Stove Top Dressing Casserole

Chicken Stove Top Dressing Casserole 6 Aug Print the recipe card!  chicken stove top dressing casserole This is a family favorite recipe that can be made shelf stable by using freeze dried celery and onions instead of fresh and canned butter for the stuffing.  I love the water chestnuts in it...
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