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Information concerning the advantages and disadvantages of Solar Energy.

Diy light

DIY Solar Lamp: Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Sun Jars The principle is simple and seductively clever: solar lights that store energy during the day and release light at night. These can be purchased ready-made in a variety of colors (yellow, blue and red) but they can also be built at home....
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50 + ways to use less energy

Many times we tend to forget this is a prepper site meant to help people with information that can and will help them along the path of the “prepper” lifestyle.  So while talking to some folks about absolutely mundane issues on subjects on the BOOB tube, which we don’t watch...
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Really Big Solar Flares

For those who prepares for the Coronal Mass Ejections (really big solar flares) I came across this article and thought you might be interested. For those who are not concerned read it anyway it may give you something to think about. I figure it this way, if We prepare for...
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