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The Pirates at the Republic take on the challenge of the so called “Tips and Tricks” of our Clients, Readers and the World via the web of course not that we are focused on world wide domination….. that would be silly, Rrrrr!
We will use the tip or trick in real life situation and find out whether it is a bogus lie told by a scurvy dog or an honest tale spun from a seafaring mate trying to help a fellow Pirate out.

Offering A Sincere Apology – Those Catholic Men

Offering A Sincere Apology   By Dr. Peter Kleponis When your wife discovers that you have become addicted to pornography, it can be devastating for her. She may feel deeply hurt and betrayed. One of the first steps to healing your marriage is offering an apology. Your wife deserves an...
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Some Thoughts On Food… SHTF School

Some Thoughts On Food… by Selco   I just want to start by saying thanks for all the comments and suggestions on my recent question about ‘what Do You Think’. I’m going to go through the comments and choose some questions to answer in these coming weeks. I will highlight...
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