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BOV, information on a Bug Out Vehicle. Some things to think about.

15 Ways Duct Tape Could Save Your Life – Brandon

15 Ways Duct Tape Could Save Your Life By Brandon from Ready Store You can do some amazing things with duct tape! Its uses range from house repair, hunting, space travel, clothing and more! People have used duct tape for every purpose imaginable. That is why duct tape is such...
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The Buddy Burner  is rumored to be the emergency heat source preferred by Scouts, WW II GI’s, HOBO’s, Hikers, Woodsmen and of course homeless people everywhere.they have been called by many names like the trench stove, Hobo heater and more but we like Buddy burner cause its more funner! We made...
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Altoids Survival Kits – PJ

Altoids Survival Kit: Mine is bigger than yours. Written by – PJ   I recently got caught up in the YouTube black hole (i.e. how did I go from gun reviews to fainting goats?) and found a pretty cool Altoids survival kit video.  Drawing inspiration from that video I decided to try...
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