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Bugging out to a predetermined community area?? Well I’ve got an opinion about that! Your welcome.

Defiance by L.R. Burkard

First we got “Pulse”, then she topped that with “Resilience” and now we have “Defiance” and we dare say we were “Brilliantly Blown Away”! The Pirates Republic proclaims L.R. Burkard has achieved the Tri-fecta of a great read with her Survival Series the whole family will enjoy.   Brava, Brava and...
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Planning for Camping

Planning for Camping by Joe Kerper More SUBSCRIBE Just like in any good horror movie, it was late at night, pitch black outside, and everyone in the tent was sound asleep but me. And it was quiet—too quiet. The rustling started faintly at first, then it came closer to my...
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How to Homestead – by Brandon Garrett

How to Homestead Written by Brandon Garrett Brought to you by The Prepared Pirate and The Pirates Ready Store        Homesteading has a rich history in the United States. The idea was used to populate and explore the wild frontiers of our country. However, in recent decades, the idea has transformed into...
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