Save Your Health

Preserving food for your dietary needs has not been an option, until now. Harvest Right Freeze Dryers provide you the opportunity to prepare and preserve the correct food for your lifestyle, needs, and wants. You can also preserve 100% of herb potency and flavor for cooking, medicinal, or aromatic use.

Health Benefits of Freeze Drying your own food

With Harvest Right’s Home Freeze Dryer, creating a custom supply of food is easy. Just put the food in the freeze dryer, press start and the unit will beep when it is finished (takes 20 to 36 hours).

  • Whole, organic foods
  • Support local grown food economies
  • Food allergy friendly: gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free
  • No preservatives or artificial colors
  • Non-GMO
  • Fits any eating style: Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, Low Carb, etc.

save your money

Family budgets must be considered, and that is why the low cost of our appliance pays for itself. Families are able to freeze dry enough food to fully return their investment in less than a year. Significantly reduce your grocery bills by purchasing foods in bulk — when they’re in season or on sale. Or, preserve produce from your garden, meat from a hunt, and your leftover meals to add money to your pocket book.

For Families

Can you imagine adding $2,500 or more to your pocketbook every year? Harvest Right makes the process automatic. Place your leftover meals in your freeze dryer, and within a few hours these meals have a shelf life of 25 years — plus, now you have the ability to quickly rehydrate the food when your family is ready to use it by just adding water. Freeze drying your leftover and surplus food turns food waste into an investment — either by making on-the-go meals and snacks for your family or by boosting your food storage.

We also designed our freeze dryer to be easy on your power bill. There’s no sense in trying to help families save money in one area just to cost them in another. The dryer plugs into a standard 110v power outlet and draws an average of 11 amps of power per hour (about 1,200 watts), saving energy and money.

For Individuals and Couples

It’s difficult to cook wholesome meals for just one or two people, usually resulting in lots of leftovers. With Harvest Right you can turn these extra helpings into meals for the future.

By freeze drying your leftovers and surplus food, you will turn food waste into an investment — and create a cache of meals for future use, without adding strain to your power bill.

The best aspect of owning a home freeze dryer is that you will want to use your freeze dried food on a daily basis. It is delicious and up to 25 years is as good as fresh.

Save the Earth:Create Food Storage from Your Garden

Effortlessly preserve garden produce for future use,
creating an accessible – and tasty – food storage solution.

Preserve Garden Produce More Effectively

Many people have great gardens and orchards but struggle to preserve their harvest and store it for later use. With a home freeze dryer, the preservation process is simple and mess free. Plus, the food tastes the same as it did when it was fresh.

Prevent Waste

Studies show that the average American family wastes 40% of their food purchases each year (approximately $2,250). Food is thrown out because people either get tired of leftover meals or it spoils before it is consumed. Cut costs on future groceries by freeze drying when things are on sale and use that lower priced food in the future. Your freeze dried food can be used daily or kept for long-term food storage. When you do use it, it will taste as fresh as it did before you freeze dried it.