How Do I get there?


How do I get there?

Here’s where proper prior planning will prevent poor pitiful performance!

When getting out of dodge is the only option all the time you have spent preparing for just this scenario will pay off! For the purposes of the article it seems things are bad enough that you are left with bugging out as your only option. Great, but if you, the prepared one believes its bad enough to bail then wouldn’t it be logical to assume everyone else will be leaning that same direction as well even if they didn’t have anywhere to go? If this event is bad enough to make the most prepared person consider bailing out and abandoning their H.Q. then those least prepared will be scared and disoriented and this is a guarantee not an assumption!

One of the hardest decisions about bugging out is when do you make the call to bug out? On one hand if you leave to early and nothing happens then you leave your alpha site vulnerable but you get to enjoy a leisurely drive through the streets. On the other hand you beat the crowd if something really is happening. If you leave too late then you’ve got a plan and plenty of supplies but you are stuck smack dab in the mess of things created by the panicked masses of the unprepared. However, you have decreed it is time to bail and you have a plan! With swiftness and unquestionable resolve you enact your plan. Your bugging out! Now you are faced with three decisions.

1 Direct Route – major roads and or thorough fares

2 Back Road – the roads less traveled

3 Indirect Route – This is the round a bout route that takes you out of the way in order to get to where you’re going.

The direct route would be the most efficient path from A to Z. These roads are considered and referred to as major roads. A route designed to be a major throughway to handle the traffic volumes of rush hour traffic planned with plenty of food and fuel stops along the way. This could be a fantastic route if you leave early enough not to be affected by the panicked masses, however let me remind you that you are bugging out for a reason! The most direct route for you will certainly be the most direct route for the panic stricken even if they don’t know where they are going and they are just going to clog things up for all of us. Although it probably will be the least desirable route to take under an emergency situation but you should still plan out this route because we all need the practice and who know the Zombies may have gotten them all before they had a chance to get into their vehicles. At the very least it would be an alternative route or a route of last resort.

However, just to muddy up the waters there are certain cases where these are the only choice you have. For example when the hurricanes hit Galveston the authorities shut down many roads and forced the population to “evacuate” through the major highways. They opened up both sides of the highway heading North. It was a site to see 16 freaking lanes of traffic heading north. Some spent over twenty hours on this highway heading north. Many of them got stuck on this highway. Some ran out of gas because they did not plan. They simply thought they would just breeze through after all it only took two or three hours to get to granny’s house last month. Others abandoned due to mechanical problems. No matter the reason now you had an abandoned car on the highway in various lanes and then people had to take time to push the vehicle off the road or in most cases they just maneuvered around the vehicle thus clogging up the evacuation route even more. This is just one real example of the panicked masses mucking up the works for the rest of us!

Let’s move onto the back roads which should be less traveled but harder to get to. If you live in a city then there are secondary roads people use on everyday occasions but less travel than the major roads because they are a less direct route to the majority of places people wish to go. At first thought these would seem like the way to go but through experience these roads will also be backed up. Just like you a lot people will be trying to stay off the main roads after all they’ve seen news reports of past disasters and movies where the highways and byways were all blocked up and no one is going anywhere. So by virtue of these not being a major road by default they would be considered back roads. And they will more than likely be just as congested as the highways. This is why it is vital that you know the routes ahead of time and have some sort of plan A, B, C, D and so on.

Then there are the indirect routes to get to where you are going. These are great when you get out and away from the main thorough fares. But once again if you live in a city you must use the secondary or so called back roads or the main thorough fares to get to the indirect road in which we speak. So again it brings us back to the toughest decision we make as the prepared. When do we drop the hammer on the decision to bail out? I cannot answer this for you but it is definitely a question you must answer for yourself and your family safety.

This article was not meant to give you solid answers to every question and just simply tell you what to do. You are not sheeple! You are one of the prepared no matter your level of preparedness and as such you do not need to be told what to do. Rather you need only to have the courage to ask questions, the audacity to answer those questions and then to have the fortitude to follow up with action to fulfill those answers. This article offers questions you must answer, thoughts you must think about, actions you must act upon…………………… Or don’t!

Your survival is your responsibility and any level of prepparedness is a step in the right direction.

I have never claimed to be an expert,  just experienced. and that’s how we sail at The Pirates Republic 

Salty Dawg

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