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I wasnt going to write anything about The Nat Geo’s tv program DoomsDay Prepper’s because quite frankly I wouldn’t watch it since the last  seasons airing of the program. So we have two seasons of Nat Geo portraying Prepper’s as fringe elements of society.

 So lets see what we have here if I were keeping score  hmmmm,

National Geographic 2  vs Prepper Community 0

And the Winner is

Nat Geo!!

Why you ask, well as I admitted I haven’t watched an episode this season and won’t because I get the highlight reels when the people who think Prepper’s are crazy old coots strumming banjos and making googly eyes at their kin folk.  So I watch the snippets on NAt Geo’s web site and get a feel for the direction they are going.

I did watch episodes from the first season and I wrote an article on how “Nat Geo” selected mostly people who were out on the fringes. I gathered that was their intent as the name of the show wasnt titled “Regular people who prepare for normal things that just happen often times called “Murphy’s law“.

Not at all mate it was called the title is “DOOMSDAY PREPPER’S” complete with gas mask and scary music. It focused on people who believed and prepare for the impending apocalypse, the end of the world as we know it, the omega event, th, th, th, that’s all folks, the end, cue the fat lady and lower curtain as the stage lights lower to darkness! The first show was pretty cool featuring a fella who invested a bank load of cash into an under ground bunker at an undisclosed location. Great, but since we advocate and teach survival in place I thought this dude spent a lot of money preparing his bunker at his undisclosed underground bug out location.

I pondered how much more prudent and efficiently he could have spent his money preparing a location where he spends most of his time. I mean he buried an entire bunker! I noticed he had a pretty big back yard at least big enough to bury his bunker, but to each his own. Although I disagreed with his allocation of resources he still had a lot of pretty cool ideas that I adapted to fit our specific needs in our compound, uh, I mean a neighborhood. This guy even quit his job because it took him away from home to much, thus this expensive bunker was unavailable to him when he was on the road. This dude is dedicated and I have to applaud that.

The rest of the season seems to go down hill quickly. I remember the family of Dennis and Danielle McClung from Mesa, Arizona. who apparently is also featured on this seasons episodes. Dennis altered his broken down in ground pool into a habitat for chickens and fish and some edible plants that could sustain his family. I thought this was very cool information and was a great use of his available space. Truth be told I got a lot of “use of available space” ideas from this episode.

The thing I thought was funny was this dude was preparing for Coronal Mass Ejection,  to simplify, “a solar flare”  a really big Solar Flare! What so funny about that you ask?  He lives in Arizona with his habitat covered by a tarp! Wouldn’t you think if a solar flare was going to quantify into a  “DOOMSDAY” event that his habitat may not be protected by the tarp? Is there a solar flare resistant tarp’s out there I don’t know about? The water pump filtering the water and supplying aeration would quit if the grid went down? The water that would supply his habitat may be compromised because of the grid failure?

Anyway you get my point the rest of the season went along these lines of loonesy and continued to propagate the idea of the prepping community being crazy nut jobs out there preparing for dooms day events. Later after researching some of these people “Nat Geo” decided to present as legitimate Prepper’s.

I found most of them had something to sell or gain by being on the show. So they would go on the show and preach the doomsday message of the fringes to hock their products. I am sure they felt a legitimate need to do this but we try to stay a little more low-key than that. (insert shameless plug here) just check out our Product page or the Pirates plaza and Pi-Zazzle stores. (end of shameless plug)

This is why I made up my mind not to watch this years crop of “Prepper Super Stars” because I had no reason to believe Nat Geo was going to portray any regular average run of the mill prepper in a good light and it seems I may have been right so far. Let me explain the way I see it.  So far since the airing a few episodes Nat Geo has successfully put the prepper community out there for ridicule being represented by the “Super Stars” chosen by nat Geo to represent us. I have a feeling if you are just a regular prepper with no drama or oddity then you wouldn’t make the cut.

After airing an episode featuring  David Sarti he sought medical attention for shortness of breath. After the medical professionals questioning him about his ailment  the feds deemed him incompetent and raided his “double secret” prepper location and confiscated all of his firearms but there are people who have gone into more details you can read Daisy Luther’s post here. I would put that in the loss category Eh? shall we go on?

Tim Ralston another “Super STAR” on the show made headlines by shooting his thumb while filming the show as reported here. He then went on to add to the drama by passing out due to shock I suppose. The on site first responder had already administered first aid and everyone was waiting on the ambulance to arrive and then splat, MAN DOWN! Makes you confident you really wanted this guy securing your six in a fire fight eh? 
They joke about it now calling it a midget digit. I hope it gets him short rides when he hitch hikes his way down the 15 minutes of fame highway. It would be easy to pile on this guy with comments about how he portrayed him self as a range expert and he broke the cardinal rules of firearms I will give you 6 in the interest of time.

  1.  Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.
  2. Always check if the firearm is loaded.
  3. Always point a loaded fire arm down range.
  4. Never place your finger on the trigger unless you have acquired or are acquiring you target and it is safe to fire.
  5. Always pay attention to the task at hand (DONT SHOW OFF).
  6. Do not place your hands in front of the firearm (well that’s not a range rule per say but it is common sense)

I’m not going to pile on but WOW! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! I’m just saying!

So Far since the airing of a few episodes the over all consensus is that there are a lot of weirdos and a few competent Prepper’s actually on the show.This is not my opinion it is the opinion of many. I specifically asked various groups of people to watch the show and give me an unbiased review on the shows merits and ideas. Did it inspire them with ideas and inspire them to push forward with their preparations or make them believe that Prepper’s were nuts clinging to guns and hoarding massive amounts of spam? Most believed there were some relevent ideas brought to light by some of the participants, but for the most part the “prepper stars” looked like some first-rate nut jobs.

Thus scoring points for the Nat Geo team and leaving decent rational Prepper’s looking like fools in society. When in reality the fools are the majority of participants featured on the show. Regular boring actual Prepper’s don’t make for riveting T, Although I would watch it, apparently the majority populus would tune out unless they can have a good laugh at the freaks preparing for whatever doomsday event they deemed worthy.

All is not lost though. It did get people talking about prepping and once you got past the moronic behavior issues you could have a legitimate discussion about what real Prepper’s do to prepare for events from the most basic and beyond to include the doomsday scenarios.

I did however watch the excerpt of the show that featured Kellen Bishop. To offer full disclosure I have followed Mrs. Bishop for quite sometime and like her approach to things. She and her husband are class acts! She maintains our deeply held belief about teaching the community around her to be prepared so there is one less family or individual out there that is not dependent on big brother for their well-being. She teaches self-defence to local women and is a certified firearms instructor. She teaches couponing, and teaches independence to many people.  I have written other articles about her and also have contributed to her sites through comments and suggestions, so I admit I am biased in her favor.

With that being said and also being critical of people going on this particular program she in my opinion did the prepper community justice. I disagreed in general with her appearing on the show because I still think Nat Geo had their own agenda. Kellene had her reasons and while I didn’t agree wholely with her I did, agree without question that we should teach the people of our community even if that means we break with the traditional “prep in secret mentality”.  She came under a lot of fire for her appearance because people thought she broke the golden rule of operation security, but she handled that criticism wonderfully by exclaiming she is out there on the net not trying to hide. She is an easy few clicks away from knowing most everything about her due to the internet and instant information availablity.

This is the same fire our friends at American Preppers had to endure when Phil Burns one of the original founders of The American Prepper’s appeared on another pilot program he is involved with. Not unlike Kellene, he was deluged with Morons making such claims as “Now I know where to go to get my stuff” and “Way to show OPSEC” and many other nonsensical crap! Internet tough guys piss me off!  Apparently it ticked him of as well and you can read his retort to the dufuss’s or is it dufuss’i for plural?

Anyway he spelled it out better than I could and I suggest you read it here. He came under criticism about a training session he had with his children and his “Gun Wall” and he carelessness with “OP-SEC”. When I read the article I could relate but he took the same tact as Kellene and simply stated that in this information age he is out there for anyone to look him up, and woe to the ne’er do wells that attempt a meeting without first setting an appointment.

Although I still will not support the show by watching it, Nat Geo still wins because is getting what they want by way of free advertising. I wish however, they would take the time to weed out the idiots and put honest reasonable Preppper’s on the show representing the vast majority of people claiming to prepare themselves for everyday events that might just disrupt most families.

Yes The Pirates Republic advocate preparedness and we do not concern ourselves with the specific reasons people prepare as long as they prepare. The show may be latent with people who appear to be ding dong’s but if you happen to catch an episode and it gets you to start thinking about something you could do for your preparedness then I suppose it could have some value. As for me my ship doesn’t get cable so I will have to rely on the articles I read from other contributors.

A nuclear bomb, coronal mass ejection, financial collapse, terrorist attacks are all valid reasons to prepare. But are they the most likely thing to happen? Financial collapse is imminent if the wankers in Washington DC don’t stop printing cash like Kinko’s on a dead line. This event to me is the one that seems more likely and is happening a little at a time mode. Gas prices are rising due to lack of leadership and dependency on a product controlled by the stated enemies of the greatest nation on this planet! Cost of fuel goes up and so does everything else.

There is plenty of things to be preparing for and any one of them are worthy of concern but the Legitimate Prepper’s out there are being denigrated by the Nat Geo’s of the world trying to push the Prepping community out to the societal fringes with the survivalist hate groups. Well at last count even with our super secret society rules we are numbered at over three million strong and that’s about 2, 920,000 more people than should up at a high touted million man march! You think that’s got ’em worried? Just cause your paranoid doesn’t mean they ain’t coming!

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