We are the Pirates Republic!

People who love this country and stand firm on the same Principles in which it was founded. We Pirates pledge allegence to the republic for which it stands Supported by the documents forged by the founding Fathers called the Constitution of the United States and backed up if there was any confusion by the Bill of Rights!

Let us help you make a plan and be prepared. 


The Pirates Republic

Passive Income Stream #3: Premium Website Content

Again we break the mold We believe information should be FREE and free shared but that’s just me and you or maybe just me but that is good enough.   Passive Income Stream #3: Premium Website Content If you have valuable information that isn’t readily available elsewhere, people will pay...
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Passive Income Stream #2: Affiliate Marketing

The Pirates Republic actually rejects this concept not because it doesn’t work but because the captain doesn’t want to put up with the BS from the interweb. Early on we made the choice not to be Prepper Prostitutes there are plenty of those sites out there and quite frankly I don’t have the...
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  • Woman awarded $95.6 million in Philadelphia building collapse settlement May 26, 2017
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - A Ukrainian immigrant who underwent amputations after a Philadelphia building collapsed on her was awarded $95.6 million as part of a settlement for victims of the 2013 disaster that killed seven people and injured 12 others, her attorney said on Friday.

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  • America's universities have become training camps for violent left-wing extremism May 25, 2017
    (Natural News) Over the last decade or so, we’ve all watch in horror as America’s universities have been turned into what can now clearly be called extremism training camps for left-wing fascists. Instead of teaching students to be responsible adults with critical thinking skills, colleges and universities now focus on obedience training coupled with deeply-ingrained... […]

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  • Beans Are The New Magical Solution To Hotcoldwetdry Or Something May 26, 2017
    Quick, every Warmists around, here’s your chance to Do Something Eating Beans Could Be A Magical Solution To Climate Change There is a cause of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that nobody likes to talk about, and it is cow farts. In a single day, a lone cow can fill a 55-gallon bag with methane-laden gas–methane […]
    William Teach