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Choosing Your First handgun – Wilburn Roberts and CTD

Choosing Your First Handgun By Wilburn Roberts The most common question presented to trainers, writers, and the family ‘gun person’ is, “Which handgun should I purchase for personal defense?” The bottom line is dependent upon the shooter and how much or how little time, effort, and training will go into the...
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  • Why black pastors are suing Coca-Cola: More brothers killed by "sweets" than "the streets" July 27, 2017
    (Natural News) Tired of watching members of their religious community fall victim to the health perils of sugar-laden soft drinks, a group of African-American pastors is filing a lawsuit against both the Coca-Cola Company and the American Beverage Association (ABA) for engaging in what the group says are deceptive marketing tactics concerning the safety of... […]

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  • Poll: Majority Of Warmists Refuse To Practice What They Preach July 27, 2017
    A very interesting poll from YouGov Most climate change believers haven’t changed their lifestyles 57% of Americans now believe that human activity and natural causes are affecting Earth’s climate. Among them, most oppose President Trump’s pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement and 63% think the nations of the world should all work […]
    William Teach