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People who love this country and stand firm on the same Principles in which it was founded. We Pirates pledge allegence to the republic for which it stands Supported by the documents forged by the founding Fathers called the Constitution of the United States and backed up if there was any confusion by the Bill of Rights!

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Socratic Evangelization – By Mr. David Simpson

Socratic Evangelization     By Mr. David Simpson Some years ago, while serving as the confirmation sponsor of a young man, I took my confirmand out to lunch to discuss the importance of the upcoming sacrament. I decided my approach would be to ask questions, both to determine his level...
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  • New Jersey credit rating cut for 11th time under Christie March 27, 2017
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - New Jersey's credit rating was cut on Monday, affecting $37 billion of debt, the 11th time Wall Street has downgraded the state's bonds since Governor Chris Christie took office in January 2010.

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  • Illegal Alien Kidnaps Nice Lady Who Was Feeding Him March 27, 2017
    These are the kinds of illegal aliens that liberals are trying to protect (Fox News)  An illegal immigrant tied up a Texas woman, forced her into her car and tried to drive off with her on Wednesday, but the woman was able to escape and eventually helped lead authorities to her suspected attacker, officials said. […]
    William Teach