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1 sm Green pepper,chopped 1/2 sm Red pepper,chopped 10 Mushrooms,chopped 4 lg Chicken breasts 1 cn Pineapple slices (8oz) Non-stick cooking spray *or* 1 tsp butter Garlic powder,salt and/or pepper to taste 4 Squares heavy duty foil (16×16 inches) Divide the bell peppers and mushrooms into 4 equal parts. Coat...
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  • Furor Erupts Over EPA Pulling ‘Climate Change’ Employees From Conference Or Something October 23, 2017
    This state of affairs has many in the media with Cult of Climastrology leans to become apoplectic. Slate, Washington Post, Engadget, and The Hill are just a few. And here’s the USA Today Furor erupts over EPA decision to pull climate scientists from panel discussion The Environmental Protection Agency is drawing heat for pulling its […]
    William Teach