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People who love this country and stand firm on the same Principles in which it was founded. We Pirates pledge allegence to the republic for which it stands Supported by the documents forged by the founding Fathers called the Constitution of the United States and backed up if there was any confusion by the Bill of Rights!

Let us help you make a plan and be prepared. 



Chicken Stuffed Shells

Chicken Stuffed Shells 22 Oct Print the recipe card!  chicken stuffed shells This meal is easy to make and the kids love it! serves 8 Prep time:  15 minutes Continue reading →...
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Fish Antibiotics For Preparedness – by Ken Jorgustin

Fish Antibiotics For Preparedness by Ken Jorgustin Among the many articles that I’ve read regarding ‘fish antibiotics’ being the same thing as antibiotics prescribed for humans, I recall a few articles over on Rawles website. One of them, written by a doctor (who is apparently into prepping), ordered a variety...
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  • Beyond fake news... How Google just became FAKE SEARCH by blacklisting independent journalism February 22, 2017
    (Natural News) You’ve already heard about FAKE NEWS, the mainstream media’s repeated fabrication of false facts portrayed as real. Who can forget the Washington Post’s ridiculous fabrication of a “Russian conspiracy theory” that claimed Natural News and 200 other independent websites were secretly run by the Kremlin? In just the last 10 days, in fact,... […]

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