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  • Trump visits wounded U.S. service members at military hospital April 22, 2017
    BETHESDA, Md. (Reuters) - President Donald Trump visited wounded U.S. service members at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Saturday, his first visit as president to the armed forces hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, outside Washington.

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  • William Shatner targeted by vaccine bullies in vicious campaign to silence tweets about autism April 22, 2017
    (Natural News) Vaccine industry zealots believe in destroying the freedom to think. Their actions — and especially the actions of sociopathic medical violence pushers like Dr. David Gorski — reflect the kind of destruction of knowledge we’ve all witnessed throughout history when evil regimes burned books in order to control the official narrative. (Dr. Gorski is... […]

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  • Trump Has To Care About ‘Climate Change’ To Save U.S. Infrastructure Or Something April 22, 2017
    People in cults always have to drag their cultish beliefs into everything. Here’s another case, where CNN Money runs a thinly veiled opinion piece as news If Trump wants to save U.S. infrastructure, he needs to care about climate change President Trump wants to make America’s roads, bridges and tunnels great again. But the Trump […]
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