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A Heroic Minute from those Catholic Men

Good morning, men, Reading the news one might conclude that the much anticipated apocalypse has finally descended upon us. President-Elect Trump, to many, is a christ of sorts here to judge the wicked and vindicate the righteous. The wicked are scurrying about in riotous fashion, burned no doubt by the...
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  • Dakota protesters regroup, plot resistance to other pipelines February 25, 2017
    CANNON BALL, N.D. (Reuters) - Opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline who were pushed out of their protest camp this week have vowed to keep up efforts to stop the multibillion-dollar project and take the fight to other pipelines as well.

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  • Early Spring Is Totally A Sign Of ‘Climate Change’ And Future Doom Or Something February 25, 2017
    Remember when so many places around the world in recent years were having long winters and barely any springs? The Credentialed Media who were members of the Cult of Climastrology said “no big deal.” That’s when they weren’t attempting to blame nature for masking the signs of anthropogenic climate change. Now, though The U.S. Geological […]
    William Teach