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Survival Necessities: Knives

Survival Necessities: Knives By Brandon from Ready Store Create a shelter If it’s going to rain or the sun is sapping your energy, you can use your knife to cut large bushy branches off of a tree. Lean these branches against a trunk or fallen log to make an impromptu...
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Year-Round Gardening in an Underground Greenhouse

Year-Round Gardening in an Underground Greenhouse By Brandon from Ready Store How would you like to have fresh vegetables and fruit year round? Sounds pretty good right?  Having an underground greenhouse will keep the temperatures hot in the winter and help prevent overheating in the summer; making it possible to...
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  • Cellphone radiation hurts men's ability to conceive, study confirms September 27, 2016
    (NaturalNews) If you are like most other men and keep your smartphone in your front pocket, chances are cellphone radiation is frying your sperm. According to a new systemic review, there is conclusive evidence that men should find another storage spot for their mobile phones.The...Read More

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  • GOP Asks Obama To Provide Proof That Hotcoldwetdry Is A National Security Concern September 27, 2016
    Now, let’s be honest: climatic changes do pose a threat. It always has. It also can reduce threats. But, the question has never been about a warming climate, it’s over the causation. And Team Obama is all about Blamestorming mankind (Daily Caller) Republican lawmakers are demanding the Obama administration back up with evidence a recent […]
    William Teach