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1 to 1 1/2 lb beef,Ground 2 sm Green bell peppers,chopped 4 16-inch squares aluminum onion flakes,Dehydrated foil Worcestershire sauce 4 Carrots,sliced Salt & pepper,To Taste 1 cn Potatoes,16oz, sliced Separate meat into 4 portions. Place each in the center of a square of foil. Top with equal portions of...
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Ways to Use Wheat – Brandon

  Ways to Use Wheat By Brandon from Ready Store >Wheat has been used for millennia as a dependable staple, proving itself as a great food storage item. But did you know that you can use wheat to show your wife that you love her? Now, we’re not just talking...
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  • Police Called To School Over “Simple Name Calling” June 29, 2016
    Have you heard about this one, where the police were called to a Collingswood, NJ school to chastise a 3rd grade? On June 16, police were called to an unlikely scene: an end-of-the-year class party at the William P. Tatem Elementary School in Collingswood. A third grader had made a comment about the brownies being […]
    William Teach