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People who love this country and stand firm on the same Principles in which it was founded. We Pirates pledge allegence to the republic for which it stands Supported by the documents forged by the founding Fathers called the Constitution of the United States and backed up if there was any confusion by the Bill of Rights!

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1 lb beef,Ground 4 Squares heavy duty foil (16×16 inches) 4 Carrots,chopped 1 cn New potatoes,sliced (16oz) 2 sm Green peppers,chopped onion flakes, Dehydrated Worcestershire sauce Salt & pepper,To Taste Separate the meat into 4 portions. Place each portion in the center of a aluminum foil square. Top with equal...
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  • Charlottesville shrouds divisive Confederate statues in black cloth August 23, 2017
    (Reuters) - To applause from spectators, workers in Charlottesville, Virginia, covered two statues of Confederate generals with black tarpaulins on Wednesday in honor of the woman who was killed during a rally by white nationalists in the liberal-leaning college town.

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  • ESPN Removes Announcer Named Robert Lee From Football Game To Avoid Offending August 23, 2017
    I caught this one yesterday via Katie Pavlich, who retweeted this ESPN pulled Asian announcer Robert Lee off the UVa home opener to avoid offending viewers: https://t.co/2Oz22i4Vpx — Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) August 22, 2017 Well, that makes sense, right? In the wake of violence between the KK/neo-Nazis and Antifa/BLM in Charlottesville (started primarily by the […]
    William Teach